Helping coffee brand Nova Brasilia develop more effective creative in Bulgaria

Nova Brasilia
Using iterative testing throughout the creative development process to maximize ad impact.
Larisa McAndrew, Marketing Research Manager, JDE

“Nova Brasilia’s new equity development was a challenging but beautiful project, successfully finalized with Kantar’s support, flexibility, patience, walking the extra mile and thinking out of the box.”


A NeedScope study showed that Nova Brasilia would greatly benefit from increasing its meaningfulness and differentiation vs competition and enhancing its leader position in consumers’ minds.


Through multiple stages of testing from Pre-Link, to animatic and finally testing the finished film on Kantar Marketplace, we were able to quickly evaluate new creative concepts. This allowed the client to immediately take actions in adjusting those concepts. The automated precise methodology of Kantar Marketplace products allowed us to launch multiple studies, quickly and easily, thereby delivering timely decision quality insights to Nova Brasilia. Thanks to this, the client has been able to start communicating effectively in a new territory and generate a strong finished film. 


In pre-Link the new ‘Big Idea’ for Nova Brasilia was well accepted. It was clear, relevant and brought the brand much needed vitality and momentum, supporting brand image impressions like daring, strong and uniquely “fiery”. The storyboard performed well on all aspects apart from understanding. However, it was still evident the main idea was relevant, original and interesting. It also clearly conveyed the message for the brand and succeeded in making it more appealing to their target audience. Testing the animatic version showed a low cut-through potential. It confirmed that the problem with low understanding wasn’t successfully fixed, and it generated negative engagement among the audience. Then using Link on Kantar Marketplace, we tested another version which based on our previous recommendations managed to positively shift the engagement and highlighted further improvements that could be made.


Taking into account all our findings, the client has produced two strong ads, which we then promptly evaluated using Link to check the optimisation had worked and give the client confidence to launch their campaign. The main creative idea now clearly shows the role of the brand in the story, and specific executional tweaks resulted in highly enjoyable advertising that will positively attract the audience and truly support Nova Brasilia to build their brand in Bulgaria.

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