Helping Kez’s Kitchen range their products in the biggest retailers in Australia

How the brand successfully extended their snacking SKUs and got their products ranged in two leading Australian retailers
Wendy Gregson, Senior Innovation & NPD Manager said: "We engaged Kantar and worked closely with their account team to fine tune our 3-year pipeline and narrow focus for upcoming category range reviews.
The Kantar Marketplace IdeaEvaluate solution provided us with depth of insight and confidence in our NPD submission that we presented to customers resulting in strong engagement and subsequent ranging!
Thanks again for helping shape our pipeline, we have a solid 3-year innovation agenda that we are excited to develop to next stage."


The KEZ’s Kitchen team had developed 15 snacking ideas, and they needed to identify and prioritize a select few for further development.
The winning ideas were to be put forward for ranging discussion with Australia’s two leading supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths. Getting into a supermarket would be the biggest volume opportunity for Kez’s Kitchen and would generate significant profit for the business.


The selection and refinement process had to be completed within three weeks to meet the supermarkets’ deadline. Using IdeaEvaluate on Kantar Marketplace, Kez’s Kitchen was able to prioritise winning product ideas that consumers would want to buy.


The study was able to confidently determine that ‘Fancy Tops’ was the best idea to present to Coles and Woolworths. It was perceived as ‘fancy, unique, indulgent’ and ‘a perfect treat after dinner’ – all attributes that contributed to high endorsement, reinforced the Kez’s Kitchen brand position and provided uniqueness that was compelling to our retail customers to range.


With Kantar Marketplace’s agility and robust methodology, as well as excellent working partnership with the Kantar team, Kez’s Kitchen successfully extended its range, gaining four new SKUs across Coles and Woolworths.

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