Helping Tassal to support new product development with consumer insight

How Tassal has renovated the way that they develop and launch new products
Libby Williams, Senior Marketing Manager, Tassal Group:“Working with Kantar on testing our NPD has enabled us to confidently show real insight regarding our NPD to our retailer partners, it helped us prioritise what NPD to launch, and also helped further enhance these propositions.”


Tassal is a fresh packaged salmon manufacturing company that has been tracking their brand health with Kantar since 2013.

Their team needed to be able to demonstrate to their retail partners that they were making data driven business decision and using insights to inform their new product development pipeline.


Utilizing the Kantar Marketplace platform, Tassal tested 22 snacking ideas via Idea eValuate, 15 concepts in the ready-to-eat, smoked salmon, and meal ideas category via ConceptEvaluate, and 7 prawn concepts via ConceptEvaluate.


The research gave direction on the best concepts and ideas to invest in, develop and bring to market. Some of these products have launched in the market such as the Salmon Infusions and Salmon Burgers, others are in the pipeline for future, whilst others were removed from the development list.


The research help Tassal strengthen their brand proposition, they were able to plan a number of innovations in product lines across snacking, ready-to-eat, smoked salmon, and meal ideas categories. 

They received guidance on how best to prioritise and optimise each of these ideas and concepts. Supported by the Kantar team they were also able to plan a research and investment process for their prawn's brand.

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