Understanding global creative to tailor to local market context and life stage

Helping White Claw optimise global creative for the Australian market.
Anika Nafis, Strategic Planning Manager, Lion, said“Kantar’s fast and agile solution allowed us to quickly evaluate whether global comms resonated in the local market. This study was essential in ensuring we speak the right language with Australians. With subtle yet crucial adjustments, we were able to customise our communications to connect with the Australian consumers in a relevant way. Beyond the data, the consultative nature of the project allowed us to align our communications approach with White Claw’s long-term strategy and year on year planning. This collaborative approach with Kantar, Lion and the White Claw team demonstrated the power and importance of pre-testing communications.” 


The hard seltzer category varies in levels of penetration and familiarity around the globe – with White Claw’s creatives primarily developed in the established US market they needed to understand their likely effectiveness in other markets.


White Claw, in partnership with Lion Australia, leveraged agile pre-testing via Kantar Marketplace to understand whether the latest global creatives would effectively build the brand in their less established market and suit the nuanced local cultural context. 


Combining consultancy with LINK’s in-context behavioural evaluation, validated measures and relevant diagnostics enabled White Claw Australia to quickly optimise the global creatives.


The recommendations were tailored to the post-production phase, including optimising video structure, messages/supers and media plans, plus learnings for future campaigns to extract maximum returns. These insights provoked other international White Claw markets to undertake similar work to increase the value that could be drawn from global creatives at a local level, on a global scale.
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