Unlocking scalable digital creative intelligence for Unilever

Link AI for Digital forms the backbone of a global system for testing digital ads across the organisation's markets, categories and brands.
Neha Sharma, Global Brand Engagement Lead, Unilever“Link AI for Digital has enabled us make quick decisions, pick from our best creatives, test video edits and even measure competitor campaigns with speed and at scale.”


Unilever has historically tested a very limited number of digital video ads because existing survey-based solutions could not fit within the constraints of their fast production times and smaller budgets.
This forced Unilever to often make decisions and launch digital campaigns without creative intelligence from ad pre-testing.


Kantar developed Link AI for Digital and configured it for Unilever to create their internally branded DEM Predictor tool.
By harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict how digital assets would perform in a pre-test environment, creative testing could now match the speed and scale of their digital campaigns.


Link AI for Digital has enabled Unilever to:

  • Test digital assets iteratively
  • Identify digital assets to be used in other markets
  • Identify patterns and trends across digital campaigns
  • Benchmark against competitor’s digital advertising


Using Link AI for Digital, Unilever has increased the number of digital video ads tested.
Creative testing can now cover all of their digital assets worldwide, enabling easier and better decision-making and promising higher ROI in digital campaigns across markets, categories and brands.

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