Using AI to scale creative effectiveness to drive sales and share growth across markets

How Genomma Lab Internacional confidently reshaped and scaled their ad testing and optimisation approach with LINK AI on Kantar Marketplace
Elizabeth Salas, Regional Marketing Manager, Genomma Lab, said: 
“We had an exceptional experience and received robust insights by using LINK AI on Kantar Marketplace. It is a tool that has been validated with real business results showing a high level of correlation to our sales and share metrics. As a company, we have committed to using LINK AI as a central process to measure all communication of our brands going forward.”


Genomma Lab Internacional is a market-leading pharmaceuticals and personal care business based in Mexico, with business spanning North America, South America and some of Europe. The company has a huge range of brands serving these diverse markets, and as a result, they produce thousands of advertising assets each year. Ensuring this vast amount of content is both consistent with brand standards and effective at driving commercial objectives is a huge logistical effort that requires significant investment. 


Historically Genomma has used a variety of local insights suppliers, but the results were variable. There was no globally consistent approach to creative optimisation, which made it difficult to scale learnings about advertising content, monitor compliance with standards and move with agility. . 

To solve this problem, the company decided to centralize their ad testing in Latin America using LINK AI on Kantar Marketplace. Standardising on a single platform delivers the convenience of having all their insights in one place, and using a consistent methodology allows for meta-learning across all their advertising content. Through the power of AI, they’re able to test more of their assets for a lower cost per test. They also now have more control of their testing program; they’re able to run DIY studies using the platform and tap into support from local Kantar experts when needed.


By running initial AI tests in parallel with their existing programme, they were able to see that the insights matched or exceeded what they were receiving from boutique survey providers. Critically, they realized that LINK AI predictions could be validated by correlating the findings to real world improvements in sales and market share growth. This gave the brand the confidence to switch over completely to LINK AI.  


The short-term impact has been profound. Greater cost efficiency means they can test and optimize more of their assets to improve the total effectiveness of their advertising programme. The agility of AI, combined with a hybrid approach to servicing, means they can respond dynamically to emerging business and market demands. And moreover, by centralizing all ad test results in the Kantar Marketplace platform, they can uncover different patterns that help them in the more effective development of new communication pieces for their different brands and target audiences. As a result, Kantar has become an important ally in shaping and achieving their communication strategy.
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