Collecting audience reactions at speed with templated surveys

Learn how Spotted Risk leverages survey templates as a plug-and-play solution to streamline the data collection of audience reaction to real-time media.
Peter Dearborn, Senior Data Scientist Manager, Spotted Risk“Kantar provides a high degree of expertise and feedback. Their commitment to best practices has been key in our continued relationship. The platform holds promise as a useful intersection between simplicity, flexibility and reliability.”


Spotted Risk is a Boston start-up that uses online polls to test the public’s recall of and reaction to celebrity scandals. They needed a solution where any member of their team, regardless of their research experience, could easily launch studies and collect data quickly. Because their online polls are designed to measure people’s reactions to current events, the ability to set-up and launch a survey fast was paramount.


Kantar built Spotted Risk a bespoke portal with their own library of templated pre-scripted surveys. Through the portal, anyone within their team can create a new survey, select their audience and submit it for launch in a few clicks – at any time.


For the first time, the entire team can view real-time results within the portal and analyse results.


Celebrity scandals unfold quickly, and Templated Solutions makes it possible for Spotted Risk to collect data at the speed that their business requires. The agile templated approach created efficiencies and largely decreased the time previously spent commissioning new survey work, programming, fielding and analysis. The custom platform enables them to streamline their research workflow and allows the data team to focus on higher impact tasks, which is critical for business growth.

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