From a tortoise to a cheetah: How to elevate your marketing ROI to deliver growth

Kantar’s unique understanding of consumers with the ability to measure attitudinal and behavioural responses to marketing communication is critical to help marketers who recognise that sustainable growth requires a balanced mix of brand building and performance marketing efforts.
21 March 2024

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

What CMOs need to build predisposition

With four in ten (40.8%) of marketers stating that improving marketing ROI is in their top 3 priorities, according to Kantar’s Media Reactions study, it’s time for CMOs to review how they measure marketing ROI to deliver growth.

What is the core of what marketers are trying to understand with marketing ROI? Fundamentally, it’s about understanding the best way to Predispose More People – priming more consumers to buy the brand, knowing that it meets their functional and emotional needs, at the right price. Marketers need to understand how to prioritise marketing activities with a limited budget and to strike the right balance between brand and performance marketing. CMOs need to optimise to deliver true marketing ROI, which requires the right data and insights, at speed. If CMOs want a seat at the table and are asking CFOs to protect or increase marketing budgets, ROI measurement and optimisation is critical.

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