Webinar: Kantar's Creative Effectiveness Awards 2022

Watch our on demand webinar to discover the most effective TV, digital, print, and outdoor ads from 2021, and learn from their success.
23 March 2022
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Advertising needs to be meaningful and relevant to stand out in today’s crowded, competitive landscape. It should drive short-term sales as well as build your brand in the long term. When a strong brand proposition is combined with great advertising brand value can grow by as much as 177%.

So how can you ensure your advertising will drive your brand forward?

Learn from the best. Now in its third year, Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrates the best TV, digital and print/outdoor advertising each year. It examines all elements of winning ads and their potential to contribute to longer-term brand equity as well as drive sales in the short term. We recognise that not all ads seek to do both, but our approach provides a framework for assessment and recognises the power of creative to build brands, not just activate sales. Last year we tested over 13,000 ads for some of the best brands and advertisers around the world to help them develop stand-out creative. Thanks to them, we know what makes creative and effective advertising.

In this webinar we celebrate the most creative and effective ads, and learn from their success. Kantar’s creative experts Jane Ostler, Vera Sidlova and Polly Wyn Jones will reveal the top 10 TV, digital and print/outdoor ads from 2021, and discuss what makes them excel. And they will share some of the common creative devices used to ignite a spark with audiences to inspire and enlighten your creative.

What makes these awards different is that consumers are the jury. As people control a brand’s fortunes through their spending power, their voice should be heard when it comes to effective advertising.

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