Webinar: Find out what the World is thinking in the World’s own words

New insights from wave 3 of Kantar’s Global Issues Barometer reveal how people around the world are thinking and responding to the many challenges they face in their daily lives today.
08 September 2022
How are people around the world responding to the crisis?
Karine Trinquetel

Global Sustainability Offer Lead

It is a challenging time for people around the world with the multiple threats they face in their daily lives. While much of the attention is on inflation and the cost of living, it is clear that these problems don’t exist in isolation. They are bound up with war, climate change, COVID-19 and other more local and social issues which press upon people’s attention. No wonder a third of people report negative impacts on their mental health.

So how are people around the world thinking, feeling and behaving? And how should brands respond?

Kantar’s Global Issues Barometer asks over 11,000 people worldwide to tell us, in their own words, what issues are on their minds using open ended questions analysed with our innovative TextAI technology. The study tracks what worries people and who they hold responsible for solving these crises to help brands navigate some of these complex issues.

Watch on demand to find out:

  • What is really preying on people’s minds?
  • And how does this differ by country?
  • What impact is this cluster of crises having on expectations, priorities and behaviour?
  • What are brands and business held responsible for and what must they respond to?
  • As the western world returns from its post-pandemic holidays, has the world of travel changed?
  • And much more…

Watch on demand

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