LaLiga enters the BrandZ Most Valuable Spanish Brands ranking as the highest newcomer

Zara retains the no.1 position for the third year running, while the overall value of the ranking declines 15 percent.
22 October 2020
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LaLiga has entered this year’s BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands ranking as the highest newcomer at no.12 with a brand value of $1.57 billion. In the report released today by WPP and Kantar, the entertainment category has grown significantly by +83% as a result of LaLiga’s entry.

Uniting Spain’s first and second division professional football teams, LaLiga has recorded strong financial growth and attracted new global audiences due to its innovation and diversification. Expansion of its social networks in a large number of countries has allowed LaLiga to exceed 100 million followers, and it has also increased promotional efforts across its global network.

There are two other new entries this year Dia, (no.29, $221 million) a retail brand which operates an international network of supermarkets close to people’s homes and has a strong online delivery capability, and Desigual (no.30, $221 million), a fashion brand renowned for promoting individuality, authenticity and uncomplicated lifestyles, whilst using effective communication to celebrate diversity.

With no change to the top three, Zara ($22.0 billion) retains the no.1 spot for the third year as Spain’s most valuable brand, followed by Movistar (no.2, $16.7 billion) and Santander (no.3, $7.63 billion).

Demonstrating a commitment to innovation and sustainability, and providing cleaner, renewable energy, two brands that achieved growth in the Top 30 are the utility companies Iberdrola (+15%, no.4, $6.41 billion) and Endesa (+3%, no.6, $5.07 billion).

Completing the list of top five brands is the multinational financial services company BBVA (no.5, $6.41 billion) and is one of four brands making the greatest ‘brand contribution’ in the Top 30 ranking this year.

COVID-19 accelerates existing trends

Overall brand value of the 2020 BrandZ ranking of Spanish brands dropped -15% from $103.9 billion in 2019 to $88.4 billion this year. For many brands, the continuing health crisis has accelerated pre-existing trends and intensified the pressure that many businesses were experiencing prior to COVID. Every category except entertainment has been impacted by the pandemic.

Despite seismic shifts in the business landscape there are huge opportunities for Spanish brands to engineer growth. Understanding new behaviours and how they can help consumers navigate these uncharted waters will be essential to surviving this period and building stronger, more resilient brands in future. That change needs to accelerate; brands can't wait for a ‘new normal’ to provide clear direction.

BrandZ Spain 2020

Contributing the most

Spanish brands making the greatest brand contribution to the Top 30 ranking are measured on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest. By combining the financial value of a brand with consumer opinions, this metric is used to measure the ability of a brand to respond to consumers’ needs. The top four brands in the brand contribution index all obtain a high score of five and include two alcohol brands Mahou and Cruzcampo, followed by BBVA and Mapfre.

The competition – and the prize – is now international

Spain’s top three brands all have considerable exposure in overseas markets, but in general the proportion of Spanish brand value derived from overseas markets remains low compared to other European countries. Brands that remain dependent on domestic markets put themselves at risk, particularly in today’s connected global economy, and even the Spanish brands that have expanded into more traditional overseas markets, such as Portugal and Latin America, are limiting their growth opportunities.

Other trends highlighted in this year’s BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands report include:

  • Moving beyond fame – Being famous can prove beneficial, but too many Spanish brands are relying on consumers choosing those that are familiar. Brands must offer a unique customer experience while responding to consumers’ emotional needs. This ‘meaningful difference’ is shown by BrandZ to be the single biggest predictor of brand power and financial growth; the lack of it in many Spanish brands leaves them in a highly vulnerable position. Strong brands that are meaningful and different to consumers recover more quickly compared to competitors following a recession.
  • Opportunity to improve online services – While supermarkets have generally done a good job of ensuring stores remain safe, there is less satisfaction with their online services. Only 42% of Spanish consumers believe they provide an excellent online experience, opening the way for retail brands to develop and enhance this service.
  • Millions of new shoppers – Around a quarter of households have their shopping done by someone different as family roles have changed in the wake of the pandemic. This creates new retail opportunities as people try new brands and means marketing for everyday essentials should recognise that the primary shopper may now be someone new.
  • Strong preference for ‘local’ – As the global pandemic continues to suppress economic recovery in the region, consumers are keen to support local businesses. 82% believe shopping in local stores is important for the community, while more than half say they are paying more attention to product origin.

With so much uncertainty and adjustment taking place, consumers are looking afresh at the brands that impact their daily lives. They are searching for dependable brands that can provide comfort, reliability and leadership. Being fast, flexible and adaptable, both in practical terms and in terms of a strategic approach, is essential now and will help brands prepare for future shocks. Brands that invest in these attributes stand to gain considerably from a world in flux.

The Spanish ranking, report and more can be downloaded here.

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