With war and inflation having an impact on both consumer income and business operating conditions, the Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands 2023 have seen an overall decline of 9% to a total value of $89.1bn.

Zara has retained its number one place as the most valuable Spanish brand for the fifth consecutive year ($18.9bn), and accounts for 21% of the entire Top 30 ranking. Telecom Provider, Movistar, is the second most valuable brand, with a brand value of $16.2bn. Mango (No.16; $1.16bn) is the fastest-riser in the 2023 Spanish brand ranking, having increased its value by 33%.

The sole new entrant is Cabify (No.28; $317m) which has made an impact on the ridesharing world by creating an innovative service and collaborating with partner apps to constantly improve its experience.

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Brands spanning 12 categories are represented in the Spanish Top 30, but two categories, Apparel and Utilities, dominate and account for more than half of the total value. This sort of brand domination is not seen in most other markets and makes Spain a unique brand environment. Get a summary of the ranking: Spain’s Top 10, newcomers, top risers, and overall category performance.

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Discover the Top 30 Spanish brands that have remained resilient against the challenges faced across economies. Many of the brands in the Spanish Top 30 are household names and have been for decades, but fame and heritage are not enough to sustain a strong brand. The best-performing brands - those that continue to grow their brand value - stand out because they make a positive difference to many people’s lives and continue to reach more people in new and relevant ways.

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The Kantar BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands have not only managed to keep their heads above water during the trials of the past year, but together, they have grown by 11%, with the total value of the ranking now worth $97.8 billion.

Zara is Spain’s Most Valuable Brand for the fourth year running, with a brand value of $23.5 billion, followed by Movistar (No.2, $16.6 billion) and Santander (No.3, $8.4 billion).

Three newcomers from three different categories join the Spanish brand ranking: the insurer Mutua Madrileña (No.27, $499 million), hotel chain Meliá (No.22, $303), and the first unicorn, on-demand courier service, Glovo (No.20, $648 million). These three brands stand out for their performance in key measures that fuel brand equity: Meaning, Difference and Salience.

Leading Spanish brands are well-known and well-liked. They’re household names that people know they can depend on. What they tend to lack, Kantar BrandZ analysis shows, is a focus on innovation and making sure they remain relevant to the consumers. Stability is reassuring for consumers, but innovation promotes differentiation from the competition.

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2020 created new ways of working, learning, shopping and living, and many of them will become long-term shifts. The fact that so much has changed means people are looking afresh at the brands that they make part of their lives. They see brands as being able to provide comfort and creativity, meaning, reliability and leadership. Brands that invest in showing they have these attributes stand to gain considerably from a world in flux.

The BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands ranking reflects the brands that remain strong and valuable in the minds of consumers.

LaLiga has entered this year’s ranking as the highest newcomer at no.12 with a brand value of $1.57bn. There are two other new entries this year: retailer Dia (no.29, $221m) and fashion brand Desigual (no.30, $221m).

With no change to the top three, Zara ($22.0bn) retains the top spot for the third year as Spain’s most valuable brand, followed by Movistar (no.2, $16.7bn) and Santander (no.3, $7.63bn).

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The BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Spanish Brands ranking and report combines validated financial information with thousands of consumer interviews to determine the value that brands bring to their businesses.

The relatively modest total value growth of 1% since the 2017 BrandZ Spain ranking hides a larger story behind the 2019 ranking. From BrandZ research we can see that the two key drivers for growth were perceptions of the brand’s kindness and relative difference to the other offerings within the category.

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