Telekom/T-Mobile becomes Germany’s most valuable brand

German brand leaders lean on their legacy to insulate themselves from crises and find new ways to grow.
07 March 2023
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Christoph Prox

Managing Director, Brand, Media & Communications

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Telekom/T-Mobile has been revealed as the new number one brand in the 2023 Kantar BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands ranking. It has increased its value by a remarkable 43% since 2021, to $67.2 billion – accounting for 18% of the Top 50’s total value. The telecom provider has continually delivered on its promises, rapidly expanding its 5G service globally and accelerating the rollout of fibre-to-the-home. It constantly evolves its ‘Life is for sharing’ positioning, introduced in 2006 to emphasise its role in bringing people together, to keep the idea fresh and sustain emotional relevance. This has increased consumers’ predisposition to buy, and the brand’s ability to charge a premium.

The combined value of the Kantar BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands 2023 now stands at $372 billion, which represents a 5% increase in two years. This demonstrates the solid foundations of a ranking largely composed of legacy brands that have built great strength, affinity and pride among consumers over time. Despite significant challenges – including inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and skilled labour shortages – 29 of the 50 brands found paths to growth, with just under a quarter growing their value by at least 20%.

There are four newcomers and re-entrants to the German brand ranking: TUI (No.39; $1.6bn) and Dr.Oetker (No.43; $1.2bn) have returned to the ranking, while Jacobs (No.30; $2.2bn) and MAN (No.37; $1.8bn) enter the ranking for the first time.

Brand value in Germany is driven by Automotive, Telecom Providers, Retail and Business Solutions and Technology Providers, which collectively contribute 65% of the total value. The ranking is extremely diverse, with brands from 18 categories. The most valuable is Germany’s iconic Automotive sector ($74.5bn). The country’s carmakers have shifted their priorities to move full speed ahead with electromobility, and consumers have recognised and appreciated this. Mercedes-Benz (No.3; $24.6bn) leads the pack, with a 10% value increase. It has successfully responded to consumers’ needs, while making them aware of this through powerful communications.

The fastest rising category is Travel Services (+121%), helped by the rebound in global travel following the pandemic. This category, too, incorporates renowned legacy brands, including Lufthansa (No.32; $2.1bn), which bounced back quickly thanks to the decades of brand equity it has built up, which made it less vulnerable to disruption than competitors.

Retail is the largest category, featuring 11 brands and holds the third highest value ($49.2bn). German retailers have become ‘consumer champions’ by negotiating hard with manufacturers and are seen as transparent and fair. The top performer is former mail-order and now online giant Otto (+44%; $1.9bn) which climbed seven positions to No.35. Its winning strategies have included positioning itself strongly in the sustainability space.

The hard discounters, Aldi (No.7; +17%) and Lidl (No.10 +23%) have continued to grow by finding imaginative tactics to drive down prices. However, REWE (No.34; +25%) and Edeka (No.21; +26%) have put them under pressure by taking the opposite direction. They have created distinctive brand identities by introducing healthy, fresh, local and organic products, launching their own labels, and investing in creative and engaging communications.

Christoph Prox, Managing Director, Insights Division at Kantar, says: “Our times remain disruptive and turbulent, yet once again we’ve seen solid growth from Germany’s strongest brands. Their consistency has proved to be a powerful advantage: the strong associations and roots they’ve built in people’s minds and hearts have allowed them to emerge strongly from the recent ‘stress test’. This demonstrates how important it is not to be tempted to cut investment in brand building, or to focus on short-term ‘fixes’ such as price cuts. Change, challenge and opportunity always go hand-in-hand, and those brands with an in-depth understanding of consumers, and which act on insights faster, will be the winners.”

The Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable German Brands 2023

Rank 2023



Brand Value 2023 ($M USD)



Telecom Providers




Business Solutions and Technology Providers


































Kantar BrandZ analysis shows that German brands stand out in three areas crucial for growth today: purpose, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. Consumers perceive them to be especially committed to sustainability, second only to brands from China. Those brands in the Top 50 that are viewed as sustainable have grown twice as fast as average. German brands also excel in purpose, ranking third of all countries surveyed, with the most purposeful brands growing 175% on average over the last two years. Outside of the ranking, Frosch repeats this year as the most purposeful German brand. Since its launch almost 40 years ago, this prominent maker of cleaning and laundry products has been a pioneer in producing eco-friendly cleaning, laundry, and personal care products.

Other highlights from the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable German Brands report include:

  • Brand value growth in Germany strongly correlates with a brand’s ability to charge a premium relative to the category average - the brands in the ranking that improved their Pricing Power grew on average 9%, while those that didn’t flatlined. Telekom/T-Mobile also tops the board for Pricing Power, thanks to its exceptional reliability.
  • Special Awards - for 2023’s awards, Kantar BrandZ analysis considered around 1,000 brands of German origin. Each award is based on the strength of associations that the brand has achieved, relative to its competitors and its brand size. Edeka is awarded for Best Advertising; Miele is the Most Trusted German Brand; health and beauty retailer dm is awarded for Best Experience.

The Kantar BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands 2023 report is the most definitive and robust ranking of the country’s brands available. The 2023 ranking draws on opinions of 87,250 respondents, about 1980 unique brands across 160 categories. The ability of any brand to power business growth relies on how it is perceived by customers. Grounded in consumer opinion, Kantar BrandZ analysis enables businesses to identify their brand’s strength in the market and provides clear strategic guidance on how to boost value for the long-term. The brands ranked must meet these eligibility criteria:

  • The brand originated in Germany
  • The brand is owned by a company listed on a stock exchange, or by a private company with its complete financial statements available in the public domain
  • German unicorn brands have their most recent valuation publicly available.

See the full list of top 50 most valuable German brands in the full report, with extensive analysis on how brands can continue to find growth at

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