Top 40 Most Valuable Italian brands worth $110.5bn in 2023

The new Italian brand ranking has been extended from 30 to 40 brands in 2023 to give a broader perspective on Italy’s diverse brand landscape.
24 May 2023
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Federico Capeci

Managing Director, C&SEurope HiPo Markets, Italy, Belgium, Greece & Israel

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Famous luxury names continue to dominate this year’s Kantar BrandZ ranking of Italy’s most valuable brands, with fashion house Gucci the number one brand for the fifth consecutive year, and Prada, Ferrari and Fendi also remaining in the Top 10. As a group, the Kantar BrandZ Top 40 Most Valuable Italian Brands are worth $110.5 billion. On the podium this year Enel and Kinder are also confirmed.

The ranking has been extended from 30 to 40 brands for 2023, to give a broader perspective on Italy’s diverse brand landscape. The total value of the Top 30 has declined 19% compared with 2022, to $104.6bn due to the financial impact of global macroeconomic forces, combined with a normalisation following two years of growth during the pandemic. The Top 30 brands are worth 2% more than they were pre-COVID (2020) and their value remains the fourth highest of Kantar BrandZ European rankings. The proportion of total brand value coming from overseas (70%) is fourth highest among all markets worldwide.

10 Italian luxury brands feature in the ranking, contributing 40% of the total value.12 brands in the Food & Beverages category contribute a 19% share. There has been minimal change within the Top 10, with the only movement coming from TIM and Ferrari, which have switched places. This confirms their consistency and enduring power. Once again, many of the leading positions are filled by luxury brands.

Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Italian Brands 2023

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Financial Services

The ‘newcomers’ between numbers 30-40 in the ranking include two cruise brands that had been impacted by the pandemic, Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises, and four Food & Beverages brands: San Pellegrino, Levissima, Giovanni Rana and AIA. They are joined by two more luxury brands, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, and insurer UnipolSai. Costa Cruises has successfully differentiated itself by helping travellers discover less well-known destinations. Peroni consolidated its association with sport, reinforcing the idea of conviviality communicated by its, 'If it unites us it is Peroni' campaign. Levissima has innovated to become as ’green’ as possible, for example through introducing new zero emission E-Trucks to its delivery fleet. Giovanni Rana excels at justifying its price premium by sustaining a reputation for quality.

The continued resilience and global renown of Italy’s top brands powerfully illustrate the vital role that brand equity – consumers’ perceptions of brands – plays in sustaining value through challenging times. The 20 brands in the ranking with the strongest equity are twice as valuable as their peers.

The evidence can be clearly seen in Kantar’s measure of Demand Power, which indicates a brand’s capability to drive consumers’ predisposition to buy their products. The Top 10 Italian brands all score significantly higher than average, with TIM, Nutella and Generali double the average, Eni three times higher, and Enel a huge 4.6 times higher.

The exciting future potential of Italy’s brands can be seen from analysis of the Demand Power of brands sitting outside the Top 40. These local jewels include Tachipirina, which has a score three times higher than the average. Consumers feel it supported them exceptionally well during the pandemic, by providing a wide range of healthcare products and services through different channels. Beer brand Ichnusa has twice as much Demand Power as average, as does Illy, which has continued to innovate, remain relevant and build on its difference, while preserving its unique Italian legacy. Bancoposta and Moment are not far behind.

Italian brands continue to generate substantial value. For many businesses, while their financial assets took a hit during 2022, the proportion of value coming from their brands alone overall remains exceptionally stable. Italy’s Top 40 brands have built meaningful relationships with consumers, and this has preserved their brand equity – enabling them to navigate the recent turbulence and bounce back faster. Increasing brand equity is absolutely the right tactic for generating growth in a volatile environment. The biggest opportunity to do this is to effectively leverage innovation, going beyond the R&D on products. The ability to be perceived as innovative is a central tenet of brand equity and demands excellent new product development, launch and communications strategy.

Other highlights from the Kantar BrandZ Top 40 Most Valuable Italian Brands report include:

  • Strong brands deliver higher returns for investors - Between March 2018 and February 2023, share prices of the FTSE MIB Index gained 2.1%, while a portfolio made up of the most valuable Italian brands rose 26.1%
  • Italians are increasingly price sensitive - 29% of Italy’s consumers are driven by price when making buying decisions. Brands must decide whether to lower prices (by reducing margins) or defend their position by demonstrating high value and quality
  • Sustainability is three times more important in driving a brand’s reputation than it was 10 years ago - Sustainability is now responsible for 45% of brand reputation, according to research. Globally, the brands that rate highest on the BrandZ Sustainability Index have grown their value 31% year on year. Italian consumers’ expectations continue to grow on environmental, social and governance credentials. Brand marketers must seek to drive and normalise new sustainable behaviours, and take bolder, more transformational actions.

The 2023 Kantar BrandZ Top 40 Most Valuable Italian Brands ranking, report and extensive analysis are available now at

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