Asia Beauty 2021: Driving digital commerce in the Beauty sector

Learn how to grow in the e-retail environment with our report, Digital ecosystems for Beauty: How to play to win.
05 November 2021
ashley kang

Global Head of Beauty, Worldpanel Division

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Beauty is a highly developed category within Asia, but it never stands still. COVID-19 has driven many shoppers to become more digital savvy – and brands must not get left behind. We have released a new report (snippet available below) to help Beauty brands understand what’s going on, and how to drive brand growth in 2022.

Complementing the report, we hosted an exclusive webinar featuring Beauty experts from the region, who shared insights on where the greatest opportunities lie for Beauty brands seeking to grow in Asia. Some of the highlights included:

  • The evolution of online vs. offline environments
  • Who is buying beauty online?
  • Key beauty products consumers are purchasing
  • The biggest platforms, how they are developing and how shoppers use them

Key takeaways from this webinar and report: 

Where to focus investment.

How do you select and prioritise the digital platforms that will work best for your brand? Is it more profitable to focus on the top two or three? Or should you be present across them all?

Which types of shoppers you should target.

Taking into account the platform, and the ‘evolutionary’ stage the buyer is at, we describe how to reach new addressable markets, including the growing Boomer and Silver segments.

How to deliver sustainable growth.

Our Beauty experts share strategies for increasing digital sales while protecting offline business, ensuring growth is incremental. They also explore how to win new buyers while retaining existing ones. Should you use ecommerce to drive trial?

The route to category captaincy.

Through examining your competitors, it is possible to determine opportunities to source growth and increase your brand’s share of the market. This is excellent for new or emerging beauty brands looking to capitalise and grow market share.

Sign up for the paid event to access the webinar and receive the full, comprehensive report on the latest Beauty data and insights across markets in Asia. See a snippet of this report here or above.

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