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‘Appetite for Growth’ is a new Worldpanel report uncovering why we eat what we eat and drink what we drink.
12 April 2023
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nuria moreno

Global Director, OOH & Usage Panels (Food)

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Global Business Development Director, OOH & Usage (Food)

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Sometimes you can almost taste the possibilities. We knew there was a lot to be unpicked when it came to what we eat and drink. Yes, we wanted to capture the COVID period, but we also knew it wasn’t representative enough. So we took a three-year view of consumption across multiple countries. Put simply, we wanted to understand how the world was really eating and drinking.

And guess what? It wasn’t just about the food and the drink – the products. It was about the people we share it with, the connections we make, and the memories we create. In these uncertain times, as consumers around the world face ongoing economic challenges, the food and beverage industry is searching for ways to help consumers. And wouldn't you know it, our work might just have found answers to some of the bigger questions.

By diving into the concept of "Demand Moments," ‘Appetite for Growth. How the world eats and drinks’ opens up a world of insights into consumer behaviour and preferences, giving brands the tools they need to make smart, strategic decisions in order to capture demand from more people on more occasions.

The study explores the findings and implications for the food and beverage industry:

  • Our in-depth study, analysing 2.5 million consumption occasions across multiple countries, has uncovered a plateful of hidden growth opportunities for brands and retailers.
  • We have identified 14 "Demand Moments" that drive individual consumption decisions, giving you the power to re-identify consumer priorities and expand demand opportunities.
  • We also deliver a detailed look at regional differences in food and beverage consumption and demonstrate how to use them to a bigger and better advantage against your competitive set.

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Whether you’re looking to tap into the global market, you're already working globally, or you want to stretch your local portfolio, Worldpanel’s "Appetite for Growth" report gives you the tools you need to make faster, smarter strategic decisions to win more consumers in more occasions.

Portfolio alignment

Discover the art of food and drink pairings

Most occasions involving drinks also involve food, so find pairings (perhaps even unexpected pairings) of food and drink types that can expand the opportunity set for your shoppers.

Redefine snacking

Can mini-meals also serve as a side dish, a topping, a condiment? Or, perhaps go the other way and position them as meal replacements in the right circumstances.

Broaden recipe horizons

Guiding consumers to expanding their recipe repertoire is a great way to tackle the functional needs of eating but mix it up with new ingredients that add to the emotional and pleasurable side of consumption.

Find out how the world really eats and drinks. Access the full report here.

The experts behind the study also hosted a webinar:

Watch the webinar on demand in English

Watch the webinar on demand in Spanish

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