Podcast: What's not going to happen in marketing?

As an industry, we like to make annual predictions… but what are we getting wrong? Matt Muir tells us what to ignore, and what we’ve missed.
02 March 2020
Jane Ostler

Global Head of Media, Insights Division

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Things change in marketing all the time, and marketers get more excited with each new technological ‘innovation’. But we could be getting ahead of ourselves, says strategy consultant and Web Curios writer Matt Muir. If we are really honest with ourselves, what will NOT happen in 2020? What does he think we should strike from our list of predictions? What is missing from the list? And which words do we need to define better, or remove from our vocabulary entirely? Matt talks authentic influencers, alternative realities and generational tipping points with Andrew Stephen and Jane Ostler.

Warning: Some colourful language in this episode. Not for the easily offended!

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