Retail Sound Bites: The evolving nature of product fulfillment

The way people get product is changing, and trips look different than they have in the past. What will COVID-19 do to shopping habits?
01 September 2020
Sound Bites
Rachel Dalton

Director, Consulting Division, US

Tory Gundelach

SVP, Retail Insights, Kantar

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Shopping, commerce, and fulfillment exist in a complex, fluid matrix. From click-and-collect to last mile to subscription, shoppers crave quick and convenient ways to receive products. In the US, 37% of shoppers buy essential categories online and pickup in-store. In this episode, Tory Gundelach and Rachel Dalton outline rising product fulfillment methods to help you make sense of the rapidly evolving space.

Key takeaways include:

  • Assess portfolio strengths and gaps across modalities: As retailers and delivery service providers fine-tune their fulfillment options, evaluate brand positioning and be ready to adjust as necessary.
  • Be flexible: Retailers and brands that are winning during the pandemic are the ones that have moved fluidly and flexibly. Without knowing what else 2020 will bring, being reactive can be an organisational differentiator.
  • Let the shopper guide your focus: Shopper needs should drive your investments. Not all fulfillment methods are created equal and different methods resonate differently across categories.

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