Webinar: How Category Managers are Responding to Global Supply Chain Shortages

Learn how you can address the most pressing challenges caused by global supply chain shortages and maintain category and portfolio growth for your retailers and brands.
20 June 2022

David Marcotte, SVP Retail Insights 
Bob Musman, VP Customer Success, Category Technology


The fragile supply chain of 2022 has impacted every part of the US market.  Delays across key areas of production from supplies to storage and transport have stretched by as much as nine months, creating waves of challenges across the retail landscape.  

For category managers this makes the already challenging task of maintaining stocked, and profitable shelves more difficult. Out-of-stocks being particularly important to balance since shoppers have become less tolerant of empty shelves than they were at the start of the pandemic. [Kantar’s PoweRanking 2021].  

Consider the top questions we are hearing from many category managers and leaders today:

Supply Chain Challenges: Addressing What’s on (and off) the Shelf

  • We have an existing issue and know certain products will not be available; how do we minimize the retailer impact?
  • Is there a way to maintain share of shelf with our retail partner when certain products are not available?
  • As we temporarily delist products because we can’t meet demand, is there a way to demonstrate where the volume goes?
  • When temporarily delisting products, volume will go to similar SKUs.  Can we meet the demand on similar SKUs?
  • If we are delisting a product in half the retailers to keep it in stock in others, where does the volume go?
  • We have to choose some products to temporarily discontinue. Which products will have the least impact on our retail partners and us?  

In our recent webinar we tackle some of the above questions, take a closer look at global supply chain issues and share practical application that can help category teams maintain profitable and stocked shelves.     

Fill out the form to watch the replay below or contact us to speak to someone directly about addressing supply chain shortages at the shelf.   


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