Kantar offers analytics, insights and consultancy for the Chinese market.

Shanghai - Hengfeng Rd

12, 15, 16F, WPP Campus,
399 Hengfeng Road,
What we do

In China, more than 1,800 Kantar employees offer data analytics, insights and consulting services to clients. With local offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, we serve local, regional and multinational clients to help them thrive in China and in the world.

Brand - brand guidance, brand strategy;

Creative – crowdsourced ideas, creative content, content testing;

Innovation – pack testing, concept/product/launch evaluation;

Media and digital - understand touchpoints, optimise digital campaigns;

Digital strategy, retail strategy, consumer & marketing strategy, sales/retail/marketing technology;

Life sciences and healthcare consultancy;

Consumer behaviour diagnostics, marketing investment ROI;

Digital data collection, connection and visualization;

Media intelligence, marketing investment optimization