Albert Heijn has retained its iconic status through its consistency in advertising, building strong Meaning through its distinctive characters.

11 januari 2024
AH oranges smile man

With its beginnings as a spice store in 1887, Albert Heijn has since grown into the largest supermarket in the Netherlands with a market share of 37% in 2022. The brand currently has over 1100 stores in the Netherlands and has branched out into ‘AH To Go’ stores, built an online presence and offers a home delivery service.

The brand has managed to build a very strong Meaningfully Different offer, which when paired with a strong Salience puts the brand in a very strong position in the Netherlands.


Brand Equity Index

Source: Kantar BrandZ, Albert Heijn, The Netherlands, 2014-2023


Albert Heijn has managed to reach its iconic status in recent years by building its Meaningfulness to customers – it is a brand that meets its customers' needs and one that they love. Distinct is the second highest contributor to Meaning in the category (at 18%) – something Albert Heijn excels at.

Albert Heijn Meaningfulness

Meaningful Profile Score

Source: Kantar BrandZ, Albert Heijn, The Netherlands, 2014-2023


As well as the distinctive blue and orange colour scheme used throughout the AH stores (orange to denote a discount), the supermarket is well-known for its Hamsteren sales (‘Hoarding’ in English) and its use of a familiar personality in its advertisements – a Hamster for its sales and since 2019 the character of Ilse, a supermarket manager.

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