Panels & Audiences

We connect you with panels and audiences around the globe, to help you get the answers you need to make better decisions.
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Get valuable global data

Access more than 150 million global panellists and 2 billion data points around habits, characteristics and behaviours.

Rely on a representative sample

With diverse panels of high-quality, profiled panellists, you can quickly obtain the opinions of your target audience.

Hear from highly engaged respondents

Our Modern Survey Design Services and Mobile Solutions ensure thoughtful responses, and deliver authentic insights.

Trust the insights from our panels

Kantar’s panels are carefully managed, profiles are regularly updated, and we adhere to strict quality standards.

Through the Kantar Profiles Network, we provide you with ready-to-survey pre-profiled consumers to answer your most critical research questions in markets worldwide. We closely monitor recruitment sources to ensure respondent quality by utilising fraud detection, location-verification and proprietary de-duplication technology.

Featured solutions
We’ve simplified, streamlined and scaled how you access respondent profiles in compliant ways.
Trust the experts for compliant proprietary panels that give you access to the voice of your consumer.
Access Kantar’s double opt-in research panel – a compliant and rich source of first-party data.
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