By constantly monitoring the market for food, beverages and household products through the biggest consumer panels globally, we offer accurate benchmarks showing how brands and retailers are performing. We track more than 750,000 consumers worldwide who tell us about their household’s shopping decisions so you are able to find new shoppers and build loyalty, anticipate trends and maximise return on investment.

Our dedicated consumer experts help brands, retailers and manufacturers deliver actionable FMCG insights and understanding how to win in African markets though 5 continuous panels (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria) and 7 “Pulse” panels (Algeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda).

Introducing “Worldpanel Pulse” Africa

  1. Measure actual take home FMCG purchasing behaviour
  2. Quantify the size of the current and future opportunities
  3. Evaluating purchasing and demographic information of consumers
  4. Understand purchase decisions, usage and consumption

Our Worldpanel Pulse offer

  1. 1,000 households weighted
  2. Two dips per year – Two collection periods bi-weekly
  3. Dips every 6 months, 85% panel continuity
  4. Interviewer based, diary collection
  5. Representative of urban areas
Africa FMCG panel
How can we help your brand in Africa?
Our insights and actionable growth strategies, underpinned by our complete human understanding, give our clients the competitive edge to win in today’s ever-changing markets.
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  • How many households are buying my products?
  • How often are they buying?
  • What influences shoppers’ purchasing decisions?
  • What else do shoppers purchase beside my brand?
  • Which pack sizes are key?
  • Who’s buying my brand?
  • Is there an opportunity to increase my brand’s penetration?
  • What is the $ opportunity?
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  • Who do I need to target? How do I win new shoppers; pack; price, place, proposition?
  • How important is price? Is health becoming important?
  • Are they limited by the appliances and utensils they have in the home?
  • How do they use and consume my products?
  • Is there a usage opportunity I haven’t realised?
  • What are the triggers and barriers to purchasing my brand for non-buyers?

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