Powerful brands create deep and meaningful connections with people. They stand out from the crowd, are memorable and connect with consumers’ functional and emotional needs. They act and react with insight and speed, making them resilient and able to thrive in challenging times.

Our holistic brand guidance systems help you drive value for your brand and optimise campaign effectiveness to stay ahead of the competition. Get all your insights in an easy-to-use dashboard to make fast, informed decisions. The combination of data, predictive analytics and brand equity expertise ensure your marketing actions deliver more value and impact.

Our brand tracking and guidance systems are validated and future-proofed to provide the actionable insights you need to grow your brand.

Meaningfully different brands...

have higher volume share


can command a higher price


are more likely to grow value sales


Confidently make swift decisions with knowledge from Kantar's brand tracking systems:

  • Competitive Brand Analysis: What are the short-term risks for your brand vs the competition?
  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness: How effectively is your ad campaign working for your brand? And how can you maximise media investment?
  • Brand Tracking: What and where are the growth opportunities?
  • Brand Equity: Do you have a positioning advantage to build on or risk to defend against?
Our latest thinking shows brand tracking in action

The challenges marketers face

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strategic planning webinar Kantar
New database analysis and survey data provide evidence-based guidance to help marketers navigate the multiple challenges they face today and plan effectively for 2023.
brand equity guide
Find out how to build brand equity, with data-driven insights exploring how different assets and channels influence perceptions and drive growth.

Whatever your growth challenge, size or industry, we have a brand tracking solution for your needs. Our combination of validated metrics, use of the latest technology, advanced analytics and brand expertise guarantee dependable, clear and actionable advice.

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