Data Collection and Connection

Understand your customers. 

Reach an engaged, compliant, and real global audience for your custom research. We give you access to the highest quality panel and first-party data, at speed and scale, for the most meaningful insights.  

Survey from

170m+real people in 100 markets 


45m profiles with non-survey based-data 

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10+ proprietary tools and techniques 

Our Solutions

Find your target audience through our network of 170m+ people across 100 markets. 

The Kantar Profiles Audience Network is the world’s largest. We have the global reach you need, and take pride in delivering the highest quality, compliant, and honest responses. Access consumers, niche targets and custom audiences. 

Key features


Global, compliant access 

Reach your audience in more than 100 markets in one place - a faster way to field. Access millions of online respondents, compliantly. 


Engaged audiences 

Our proprietary panels provide an engaging community experience – where people feel comfortable sharing data. 


Quality, stable insights 

The Profiles Audience Network is powered by advanced technology, data science and award-winning expertise, for trusted data. 

Survey programming and fieldwork


Your trusted brand partner for custom survey research. 

Our highly experienced local teams provide one-on-one support for your research design, from survey programming through data delivery. We'll help you analyse and visualise your data using custom dashboards or data exports. 

Key features


Stable, reliable insights 

Our expansive audience, combined with our experienced fieldwork managers, deliver consistent and quality data. 


A range of deliverables 

Whether you need a powerful dashboard that integrates multiple data sources or simple crosstabs, our team can support your requirements. 


Award-winning tools 

Create surveys that deliver honest and reliable answers using our award-winning survey programming tools - designed for better engagement. 

Connected Data Solutions


Enhance, activate and validate your data. 

Make your research work harder for you by matching and appending other data sources to your survey-based research for a holistic view of your target audiences and media activation. We partner with dozens of tech and data companies for meaningful connections. 

Key features


Enriched customer data 

Enhance your survey research with Kantar’s proprietary data, data from our trusted partnerships, or your own customer (CRM) data. 


Media audience activation 

Tap directly into seed audiences from your research to power advanced modelling and activation of your customer or prospect audience. 


Audience validation 

Validate the accuracy of your existing audience to optimise targeting and media spend. 

Anti-fraud and quality assurance


Our focus has always been on quality and delivering it with consistency, accuracy, and accountability. 

When your data is collected with us, trust it will be generated on a foundation of the best source of people, advanced technology and data science, and validated by industry-leading anti-fraud technology. 

Key features


Advanced AI and Machine Learning 

Our anti-fraud software uses 3 Deep Neural Networks and years of data collection to identify fraud where humans and other software cannot. 


Comprehensive validation approach 

Our unique methodologies and layers of quality control have been developed to handle multiple sources. 


Compliant data collection, globally 

We are the only global partner with a PIPL compliant panel management platform in China to adhere to local legislation. 

Advanced Analytics

Get up to speed with Survey Design Best Practice using award-winning expertise.

The impact of bias on surveys
Learn about different types of survey bias and how to avoid collecting biased responses through design.

How to create a questionnaire
Learn where to start, how to polish them, and what to double-check – for successful designs.

The effect of scale design on answers
Learn about the impact language and scale design have on online survey respondent answers.

Reducing survey dropout 
Explore what causes respondent fatigue and how to avoid it through survey design choices.

Writing questions effectively 
Get tangible advice for writing effective online survey questions that will produce reliable data.

Using humour for truthful feedback 
Learn techniques that make panellists comfortable answering as their true selves – for a positive impact on data quality.

Insights on communities worldwide


Consumers Managing the Economy

Global findings on sentiments towards the state of the economy and its impact on consumer behaviour.

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Global findings on sentiments toward new ways of working, the impact of economic instability, and more.

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Our Experts

Our expertise in survey design, fieldwork, sampling methodologies, and data science is core to our commitment for delivering the industry’s highest quality, most meaningful data to our clients. We have decades of experience building and managing panels and delivering trusted data.  


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Jon Puleston
VP, Innovation, Profiles Division
Survey Design and Panellist Engagement 



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Data Scientist, Profiles Division
Anti-Fraud and Panel Management