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The global workforce has undergone serious change over the past several years. The boom of remote working due to the pandemic followed by the push for employees to return to offices and economic uncertainty driving layoffs across industries has further driven fundamental changes in the ways people approach their professional lives.

Employees now find themselves pursuing multiple income streams with side jobs, managing expectations to work beyond parameters of job descriptions and face challenges like managing virtual meetings while in a physical office.

Using responses from 10,055 online respondents from the Kantar Profiles Audience Network across ten global markets (including US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, China, Singapore and India), this study sets out to explore how sentiments have changed over the past year, the positive and negative aspects of these changes for the employee and company, and the impact of anticipated future trends.

It also explores topical new workplace areas like the impacts of “bossware,” “quiet quitting,” and the “gig economy,” and how experimenting with things like a 4-day workweek could influence employee job satisfaction.

Explore our findings here on:

  • Sentiments towards hybrid working
  • New ways of working
  • The economic impact
  • The post pandemic onsite workplace
Some answers from this study

Global Answers

76% of workers still work remote or hybrid vs. fully onsite today.
47% of the workforce are worried that their company may need to cut costs and lay off employees this year.
65% of workers favour the 4-day workweek concept.
39% of workers feel that their employers don't trust them if "bossware" (workplace surveillance apps) is used to monitor their activity.

Demographic Answers

40% of Gen-Z workers value "professional growth" in hybrid environments versus 27% of Boomers.
66% of Millennial workers are planning to leave their job in the next few months.
73% of Boomers view "quiet space to do my work" as the most important thing for physical workspaces.
44% of Gen-X workers feel "new challenges" make work meaningful to them.
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