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Global communities are facing yet another bound of economic uncertainty amid rising inflation and corporate layoffs dominating the news cycle. Consumers across the world are grappling with how to budget, where to cut costs and where to spend their money.

Based on factors like spending power, disposable income, country and financial outlook, the impact of the economy can look different for everyone. Consumers may choose to delay one large purchase in order to make others, significantly cut costs across the board, or make no visible lifestyle changes at all.

Using responses from 10,000 online respondents from the Kantar Profiles Audience Network across ten global markets (including US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, China, Singapore and India),this study sets out to explore how global consumers are interpreting and managing the current state of the economy, and the influence it is having on their everyday decisions.

It also explores how communities are approaching real estate and travel, and how confident they feel about personal finances. This study further explores how consumers are distributing their budgets across subscription services and other purchases.

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  • Consumer Confidence in the Economy
  • Housing & Rental Market
  • Finance & Investments
  • Travel & Luxury
  • Subscriptions

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