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What happened to Cannes Lions?

Ahead of Cannes Lions digital, which replaces the physical event this year, we ask Philip Thomas, chairman of the advertising festival, about the decision to cancel – and the future of events and creativity.
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What did we learn in 2019?
kantar creative effectiveness awards winners
The most creative & effective ads of 2019
The Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrate the work that does just that. The awards are special because they acknowledge the best ads, as judged by consumers, rather than the advertising industry. See the best digital, print and TV ads from around the world.
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Future Proof Podcast Live @ Cannes

In 2019, Kantar partnered with Cannes Lions to host a daily podcast interviewing some of the industry's leading thinkers and provocateurs.

  • Why should creatives embrace AI? We spoke to Chris Duffey, Head of AI Innovation and Strategy at Adobe, and Anthony Reeves, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman, on the real applications of AI – the truth beyond the hype – and the way it might change the role of creatives and the structure of the agency. Listen here  
  • Does the ad industry need to be overhauled? We met with Cindy Gallop to talk stereotyping, humourous ads and being the change we want to see. Listen here  
  • Why is Spotify getting into podcasts? We speak to Spotify’s Danielle Lee about why marketers should lean into audio. Listen here
  • How can marketers bring more joy to their work? We chatted with Bruce Daisley about his passion for finding joy at work. Listen here  
  • What makes a game-changing CMO? We asked CMO Moves podcast host Nadine Dietz to do some meta analysis on her little black book... Listen here  

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Newer thinking to inspire the rest of your 2020

The Power of Connection: media effectiveness learning for three categories

In the first of this series of category-specific investigations, Duncan Southgate takes a look at the media effectiveness of campaigns for food and (non-alcoholic) drink brands. Read more 

In the second of Kantar’s category-specific touchpoint investigations, we get to the bottom of what makes TV advertising so impactful for technology and telecom brands. Read more

In the third of Kantar’s category-specific touchpoint investigations, we investigate media effectiveness for alcohol brands, and look at the role experiential media has to play. Read more


What happens if I reduce my media spend?

Some categories are continuing to advertise, while other sectors have cut back. Should you maintain, decrease or stop your investment? What will that do to sales and saliency?
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Why should you care about TikTok?

TikTok has exploded in popularity recently. What is so different about this platform, and how can brands get involved? We interview Jorge Ruiz, Head of Marketing Science at TikTok, for the Future Proof podcast.
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What will advertising look like in 2030?

Supporting immediate marketing strategies and planning for the next few months is a priority. But it’s more important than ever to look further ahead; and for media and advertising, to imagine what scenarios the future might hold.
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Person of color outlook

Now is the time for color bravery

Being colour brave can feel risky and uncomfortable, but there is a different role for brands to play. Colour bravery means being realistic about race issues in and addressing them directly rather than pretending they don’t exist.
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Zoomers and diversity

Zoomers: the new agents of change

"Zoomers" encompasses people 10 to 25 years old, and is one of the most diverse generations America has ever seen. It is reshaping the USA both in words and actions. 
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Elitism is not cool: young people change cultural values

In this feature from our BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands report, we discuss the growing importance of brand inclusivity, even for exclusive products.
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The new tensions brands should tackle

How can ‘Tension Mining’ and Enhanced Visual Analytics help you uncover the new cultural tensions that people are dealing with, so you can rebuild cultural relevance in the ‘new normal’ world?
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Could COVID-19 be the tipping point for sustainability?

Kantar COVID-19 Barometer analysis highlights the potential for sustainability acceleration, as people seek to support businesses who are trying to do good.
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The future of marketing to women

There are some significant cultural shifts that will change how advertisers connect with women. Kantar has conducted an exploration of culture today to inspire the marketing landscape tomorrow. Many of the shifts identified in the Hold Her Gaze project connect to the contributors of self-esteem; they show that women’s confidence is growing and manifesting in some quite specific ways. The six themes of their research lead to interesting suggestions for brands, and inspired artwork for the #WhatWomenWant? exhibition, created for Kantar by Grey.

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