Let Kantar Profiles manage custom fieldwork designed for your brand and benefit from...

Consistent, reliable insights 

Kantar Profiles’ expansive audience network comprised of traceable and compliant panellists, combined with our experienced fieldwork managers, deliver consistent and quality insights.


Industry experience

Rely on our expert team of project and fieldwork managers. They execute surveys for more than 2,000 brands and manage more than 1,000 trackers annually.


A range of deliverables

Whether you need a powerful dashboard that integrates multiple data sources or simple crosstabs, our team can support your requirements.


A brand you can trust

Kantar Profiles is a reputable survey programming company with decades of experience delivering insights our client's trust. 

Explore our research services

If you're looking for a partner to support your custom survey research, look no further than Kantar Profiles. 

Our highly experienced local teams provide one-on-one support from survey programming through data delivery. We'll help you analyse and visualise your data using custom dashboards or data exports.

online survey research

Survey programming and fieldwork

Create surveys that deliver honest and engaged answers using our award-winning programming tools.

Our teams have extensive experience supporting a wide variety of research studies, including: brand tracking, media and concept tests, wave and longitudinal research, in-home usage tests (IHUT), U&A studies, media planning, pitch work and sample-only fieldwork.  
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online survey research

Data processing

Save time and resources by letting us support your data processing needs. Our local teams can support data cleaning (removal of poor-quality data), verbatim coding, data weighting, and data quality forensics. 
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online survey research

Data visualisation

Turn your data into actionable insights with dashboards and other visualised outputs. We support: powerful custom dashboards, basic dashboards, crosstabs, and charting services.
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Client results
pharma brand case study
We carefully approached a sensitive topic with a tailored audience to gather reliable data to inform the final visual identity for a brand.
Pride at Kantar
Learn how Kantar was able to reach and engage the LGBTQI+ community through online research, as part of a project with DIVA magazine.
Learn how Spotted Risk leverages survey templates as a plug-and-play solution to streamline the data collection of audience reaction to real-time media.
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survey design modules

Survey Design Training Modules

We’re sharing our award-winning survey design knowledge for effectively engaging with online respondents. Explore our on-demand sessions and learn how you can create engaging surveys that will yield more honest and reliable insights. 
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dashboard, crosstab, research reporting

How do you select the best data deliverable for action?

Explore four ways to receive survey data based on your speed, connectivity and analysis needs here.
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survey design best practices, mobile survey design, increase survey response, increase survey effectiveness
Well-designed surveys increase respondent engagement and overall research effectiveness. Here are Kantar’s 11 best practices for conducting online surveys.
survey design mistakes
Explore the consequences of poor survey design and learn about seven common errors that compromise the reliability of your results.
How survey quality control checks support accurate insights
Explore the value of quality assurance measures and learn about eight types of survey data quality checks that flag unreliable respondents and improve data quality.

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