Enhance, activate and validate your data with Kantar Profiles’ data solutions.

We partner with dozens of tech and data companies for you to seamlessly build holistic views of your target audience and engage with them in meaningful ways.

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Brands and agencies gain measurable results through...

Enriched customer data

Enhance your survey research or other first-party data with Kantar Profiles’ proprietary data or third-party sources from dozens of our trusted partnerships.

Trusted ad measurements

Kantar is an approved Google Measurement Partner to help you verify your media performance on Google-owned platforms.


Measurable ROI

Find incremental revenue from your survey-based research by using it to activate your media planning.


Accessible data

First-party data enrichment done in one place. Append Kantar or third-party data sources from our proprietary API-driven platform. 

Explore our data enrichment services and partnerships
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Data Enrichment

Make your research data work harder for you by matching and appending other data sources to your survey-based research for a holistic view of your target audience. 

Our respondents are pre-connected to a wealth of non-survey-based data, including media exposures, purchase behaviour, psychographics and a wide variety of industry-leading data sources. 
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Client Database Matching

Connect the power of your first-party customer or consumer (CRM) data to our Audience Network for an enhanced understanding of the attitudes driving people to purchase. 

Matching your CRM data enables you to target customers and prospects for specific studies, and to layer your own purchase, behavioural and membership data for deeper analytics and insights.
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data enhancement solutions

Media Audience Activation and Validation

Go directly from audience insights to activation or validation with our media audience capabilities. 

Tap directly into seed audiences from your research to power advanced modelling and activation of your exact target customer or prospect audience. Or, you can validate the accuracy of your existing audience to optimise targeting and media spend.
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Data Partnerships

Kantar Profiles has built relationships with dozens of partners worldwide to help our clients collect and connect data that truly helps them understand the people who matter most to their brand. 

Available sources and platforms (market dependent) for audience enrichment and data appending include: Kantar Audience Profiles, TGI Advanced Profiling, Acxiom, Experian, AmeriLINK consumer databases, LiveRamp, CACI, Conexance and many more. 
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Client Results
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Learn how a large financial institution powered their digital media strategy and optimised their programmatic digital marketing spend through survey-based audience validation and connected data solutions.
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5 ways to improve the quality of your survey data

Our experts recommend five ways to approach your research projects to gain greater confidence in the quality of your data. 
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