Powering an Impactful Digital Media Strategy through Audience Validation

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Learn how a large financial institution powered their digital media strategy and optimised their programmatic digital marketing spend through survey-based audience validation and connected data solutions.


A financial institution needed to establish baseline measurement of digital audience quality across their audience data partners, with a design that supported future periodic re-validation.

The company also wanted knowledge to guide their media targeting strategy, including audience data partner selection and on-going media audience optimisation. Additionally, they needed to drive media spend decision-making across media partners to optimise their substantial programmatic digital marketing budget.


The company leveraged Kantar Profiles’ Digital Audience Validation capability to validate their target audiences and ensure maximum media spend efficiency.

They were able to measure the accuracy of selected audience segments by leveraging the Kantar Profiles Audience Network to survey whether matched audience profiles are actually in the digital audiences being targeted with programmatic advertising campaigns.


The financial institution uncovered that their media partners were purchasing audiences with high overlap, similar make-up, and less-than-desired representation of key prospect target segments.


Strategic action: The financial institution initiated audience reviews with data and media partners to optimise budget allocation and audience make-up within their programmatic digital marketing budget. 

Future proofing: They used their baseline audience validation results to establish quarterly audience accuracy measurement.
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