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By leveraging the right balance of human expertise and advanced panel technology, we prevent more fraud and deliver higher quality answers than anyone else.

We offer a range of customisable research services, powered by the world’s most extensive and reliable respondent network, and protected by our innovative data-defence technology.

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The world’s leading brands trust Kantar Profiles to collect reliable insights from global panellists, faster.
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Reach highly engaged consumers

Seamlessly engage with the people who matter most to you brand, customers and non-customers, globally. Our proprietary Premium Panels prevent more fraud and deliver 6.6x more quality answers than anyone else.
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Get answers fast; make decisions faster

If you want to research quickly, early and often to optimise your strategies and make the best investment decisions, our Accelerated Answers quick-turn solutions offer a range of methods to collect data on your timeline and in your budget - with the support of our industry experts. 
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Custom survey services

Execute your ad hoc or tracking brand research your way with Kantar's Profiles division. Take the services you need and leave what you don't. Our services are adaptable to meet specific requirements and methodologies, ranging from design and consultation through data visualisation and summaries. 
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Build a holistic view of your audience 

Enrich your survey results with third-party data or insights, or your company’s owned sources. Create a clear and holistic view into your audience targets – without having to ask additional questions. Activate audiences in your media plan directly from your connected research data.
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Peter Dearborn, Senior Data Scientist Manager, Spotted Risk, said:“Kantar Profiles provides a high degree of expertise and feedback. Their commitment to best practices has been key in our continued relationship.”
We're defending data integrity, so our client's don't have to

Our Qubed AI futureproofs fraud prevention and improves response quality by using advanced machine learning to identify fraud where humans and other anti-fraud technology cannot.

It detects fraud within milliseconds, triggering an appropriate response instantly after scoring respondents on:

  • Location (Are they where they say they are?)
  • Diligence (Are they paying attention during surveys?)
  • Duplication (Does their activity mirror other bad actors?)
  • Demographics (Are their demographic selections sensical?)
5 Deep Neural Networks
60m+ events used to train the AI daily
300 survey and respondent features processed per survey session
Real-time0Real-time continuous operation
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