The future for audience measurement: Bolder, bigger, better

How can the measurement systems that fuel audience insight move fast enough before it’s too late? What will the future of measurement look like?
16 October 2020
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John McCarthy

Strategic Content Director, Media Division

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The economic damage inflicted by the crisis is leading to a challenging trading period that will have a disproportionate impact on the media industry. This will present a significant funding issue for audience measurement. Therein lies the difficulty: insight on viewer behaviour has never been more vital, but funds to invest in that measurement will be in short supply from the industry itself.

Can the measurement systems that fuel audience insight move fast enough before it’s too late? What will the future of measurement look like?

At Kantar we have a clear vision. We have expanded our blueprint for TV & Video measurement to integrate more and more data sources:

Kantar Blueprint for TV & Video measurement

We appreciate the need for flexible implementation that maintains rigorous standards, not standardisation.

Canada and Italy are just two markets where we’re partnering not only with the currencies and the wider industry, but also with other research companies to deliver cross-platform and cross-media measurement.

Each market needs to work with research providers to find the best solution for them. We need to utilise all the available data sources to help the industry join the dots and deliver a complete view of all consumers and customers.

The Italian approach

Davide Crestani of Auditel reveals how different data sources combine to provide single-source, cross-platform measurement in Italy. A central input is the deployment of Kantar’s Focal Meter technology, installed in panel member homes to passively track relevant video traffic across the home network to all devices and platforms within the household.

“We have a strong data flow and integration points with providers, to ensure a single-source, cross-platform measurement system. The Focal Meter delivers data for digital which helps to provide single source to the Italian market.”

Davide Crestani, Technical & Scientific Director, Auditel, Italy

Auditel single source cross-platform measurement system

The Canadian approach

We’re using our well recognised expertise in return path data (RPD) from set-top boxes to work with Numeris in Canada to implement N-Core, a system that integrates set-top box data from five different suppliers into the core measurement panel.

Numeris approach to cross platform measurement

Around the world, Kantar’s RPD capabilities continue to evolve, both in terms of data sources (Smart TV apps, IPTV delivery) and their integration with panel data, to provide a person’s viewing. And Kantar’s expanding team of data scientists have developed models to expand and integrate return path and census data.

Download the full report, Let’s talk business, to discover powerful perspectives and insights into how you can utilise audience data to retain and grow audience share in these challenging and extraordinary times.

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