Equality does not always mean fairness. How can our actions create a more equitable world? Read our insights and thinking on equitability, the role of brands, and the way society is feeling and responding. Understand people to inspire conversation, for positive and lasting change.

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Inclusive portrayal in advertising

Portraying people positively in advertising is a marketing imperative. Find out how to get inclusion and diversity right in your campaigns.
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Younger LGBTQI women are asserting their identity earlier than ever before, according to a new report from Diva and Kantar.
What can businesses do to be more inclusive and diverse?
Brands promoting gender-balanced marketing are worth £774 billion more, says Kantar's WhatWomenWant? research.
The new Kantar Inclusion Index shows that health/pharma ranks as the most inclusive industry, while tech lags behind.
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Inclusion Index

A unique benchmarking tool to help transform business culture and overall success.
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