Retailer, Channel & Shopper Intelligence

Get the empowering insights you need to boost your business, and shape the future of retail.

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Unlock enterprise access to tools, insights and expertise to arm you with forward-thinking plans, strategies, and advice.

Global scope

1,000+ retailers
154 global markets
Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager, Fortune 500 Retailer“We realized an almost immediate ROI from U.S. Shopper Insights. It’s been used as we develop service offerings for key generational cohorts and has helped us see threats to our shopper base from omnichannel competitors.”

Key features

Retail planning and trends

Build compelling customer business plans, understand channel evolution, and track market expansion or contraction.

The who, where, and what of the shopper journey

Understand the always-evolving behaviors and attitudes of shoppers through custom insights and proprietary data.

Expanded omnicommerce opportunities

With data and tools tracking global ecommerce trends, we’ll identify growth opportunities and optimize sales plans.

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Retail IQ

Enter the insights platform that top businesses rely on to expertly navigate the retail and shopper landscape. This one-stop-shop pairs illuminating analysis with trusted shopper, channel, retailer and macroeconomic data to drive strategic planning, inform tactical execution and provide a clear path for growth.

Shopper Insights

Unlock deep insights to inform epic solutions across the who, where and what of the shopper journey. From initial consideration to loyalty retention — shopper needs, motivations, behaviors and barriers change at every touchpoint. Uncover ways to empower shoppers along each step of their journey.

We’re bringing the experience, perspectives and coaching to help you strategize, plan, execute and succeed, with on-site workshops, applied research and expert advising. Answering critical business questions and co-creating practical action plans, we’re your partners in turning your goals into retail reality.

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Get the empowering insights you need to boost your business, and shape the future of retail.