With the largest consumer panel in the world, we understand brands and retail dynamics through the choices of 6 billion* people.
Our experts and solutions measure what matters, when it matters and where it matters.

The most meaningful shopper and consumer data

Fulfil your growth potential, evolve with your shoppers and be chosen more often with Worldpanel's global, unique and multi-dimensional view of human behaviour.

Expertise-fuelled insights

Become the expert in the room – spotting growth opportunities early and new spaces first – with our teams’ panel, analytical and cross-industry knowledge behind you.

Predictive power

Anticipate future behaviour to unearth opportunities, predict ROI and make successful decisions thanks to Worldpanel’s continuous, behavioural data and predictive analytics.

Decoding every behaviour for the multidimensional view

We capture the most detailed picture of what consumers really do, to better inform your strategy

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Over 2,000 companies trust us to decode their shoppers

“Worldpanel’s team is very supportive, committed to delivery, with in-depth and actionable insights.”

“The constant accompaniment of the Kantar team has been essential for decision-making within Bayer.”

“Great datasets, great people, great analysis and potential to impact our business.”

“The team can better understand our needs, give us support and help in exploring shortcomings and opportunities, and discuss business development possibilities.”
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“Differentiated insights that cannot be obtained from other research data.”

“They treat us as a partner, which is very important to giving added value, and Kantar contributes this to a greater extent than other companies.”

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