Omni-shoppers in Thailand choose to buy food and beverages from e-retailers

Embracing e-commerce is driving FMCG growth in Thailand, while social commerce remains a key platform for personal care products.
06 March 2024
Balancing performance marketing and brand building
Kanpapak Lueksuengsukoom

New Business Development Director Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand, Thailand

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Thailand has more selling channels, more stores, and even more vending machines than at any point in the past. This dynamic landscape represents a powerful growth opportunity for the market’s brands – but currently only 37% of them are managing to grow.

Consumers in Thailand have become omni-shoppers, which means they buy FMCG from both physical stores and online stores. These consumers are the market’s biggest growth engine, so understanding their behaviour is crucial to the success of brands and retailers.

Worldpanel's report – The Omni-Shopper Revolution – reveals how, by understanding omni-shoppers’ behaviour and embracing e-commerce, they can secure their place in the hearts and wallets of Thai consumers.

The report explores:

  • The current state of play in FMCG

Online channels have become increasingly popular among Thai consumers. At the same time, a decline in purchasing power has led to reduced spending and in-home consumption. Brands must understand the pressure shoppers are experiencing, while navigating the abundance of selling channels to avoid cannibalisation and attract new customers.

  • The challenges faced by the players

Fragmentation of the channel landscape is eroding loyalty, forcing retailers to fight hard to make sure they’re considered by shoppers. Bricks and mortar stores are still relevant, and specialty stores are growing – but it’s e-commerce that everyone is keeping the closest eye on. Online stores have increased their sales, penetration and frequency in the last year, with nearly half of the households in Thailand (45%) now purchasing FMCG products online.

  • The future of the game

Thai consumers’ behaviours are changing fast. In this context, FMCG brands and retailers can accelerate their growth by understanding the role each online channel and platform could potentially play across five key levers – including encouraging shoppers to trade up, and promoting bigger baskets.

FMCG products are not only a necessity; they also have a fast purchasing cycle which can lead to a high repeat rate and frequency. This creates an irresistible opportunity for e-stores to leverage FMCG to grow further, and for brands to leverage e-stores to maximise their profit and return on investment (ROI).

This report will help brands and retailers to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities in the dynamic FMCG landscape, through understanding:

  • The key players in Thailand’s online landscape
  • Which groups of consumers are driving online growth
  • The habits of the omni-shopper
  • How to decide which e-commerce channels to focus on
  • What you need to know to build an effective marketing plan.

Worldpanel has the comprehensive consumer data and market expertise necessary to provide you with detailed and accurate insights that will give you a ‘compass’ for your future growth journey.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you to secure your place in the hearts and wallets of Thai consumers – including the omni-shopper and read the report here.

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