A guide to building a strong brand using Kantar Marketplace

Create a path to sustainable brand growth

Track and strengthen your brand equity with the right tools at your fingertips

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Discover how agile market research tools can help you monitor, guide, and accelerate brand growth. Within this guide, you will:


  • Learn why understanding your brand equity is the ultimate path to success
  • Find out the right tool for continuous brand tracking or point-in-time evaluation
  • Understand the framework powering brand insights that you can trust and act on
  • Discover how Kantar Marketplace can bring you closer to brand equity insights to empower your decisions
Brand tracking dashboard

Elevate your brand equity with purpose-built agile solutions for:


  • Measuring and monitoring your brand continuously or periodically
  • Reacting quickly to dynamic movements in the market
  • Assessing the impact of a specific event or campaign on your brand

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