Digital media optimisation

Find the right combination of media placement and creative with Context Lab.

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Digital media optimisation
Measure ad performance across channels.

Measure ad performance across channels.

Test multiple ads to find the optimal combination of media context and creative content or look at a single ad to measure the impact of placements on brand. 
Make your ad spend go farther.

Make your ad spend go farther.

Understand how branded content performs in different digital contexts so you can optimise placements and use your budget more efficiently.
Quantify the brand value of earned media.

Quantify the brand value of earned media.

Evaluate the true impact of difficult-to-measure advertising formats, such as influencer content, sponsorships and branded content programmes.

Context is everything. Make it work for you.

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Studies on demand

There’s no need to wait for the campaign to finish running - or even begin - in order to start your study. Test pre-, during or post campaign.

Granular insights

Capture true response to your ads by analysing a breadth of behavioral metrics alongside brand lift and creative diagnostics. 
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Proven methods

Backed by a database of 19,000+ campaigns, we’ve put a lot of thought into research rigor - so you don’t have to.

Results at your fingertips

View all your study results from a single dashboard or export into a shareable PowerPoint format.

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