Brand insights

Supercharge your brand growth with powerful diagnostics.

Make meaningful connections with consumers using agile brand insights

Measure and evaluate your brand and marketing so you can optimise your strategy and planning to enhance brand growth.

Brand equity dashboard
Brand equity evaluation

Identify brand growth opportunities

Get validated brand equity insights relevant to your category so you can guide your brand towards growth.


Brand equity measurement

In-market ad testing
Campaign effectiveness

Optimise ads to support brand objectives

Fine tune campaign investments with an understanding how your ad is impacting engagement, persuasion and brand metrics.


Creative mix optimisation


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Robust quantitative analysis 

Drill into consumer behaviour, attitudes and values. Measure your brand’s performance using our unique frameworks and tools. 

Deep expertise 

Backed by a database of over 17,500 unique brands, our analysis is uniquely positioned to help you grow brand value. 
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Agile brand insights

Automation means you get into field and receive your insight quickly, allowing you to act at the speed your business demands.
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Agile campaign optimisation
Make faster campaign decisions by measuring in-market campaign effectiveness.
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