Brand equity data packages

Perform deep analysis on holistic brand performance with BrandZ Brand Equity Data Packages.
Brand equity data packages
Brand equity data packages

Examine brand performance holistically. 

Understand your brand across the three key building blocks of equity: is your brand meaningful, different and salient? Analyse additional data including brand image, corporate reputation and brand personality to diagnose overall performance. 
Brand equity data packages

Measure your brand’s growth potential. 

Gauge momentum relative to competitors and isolate the factors influencing sales and brand value.  
Brand equity data packages

Delve deeper into the data. 

Access performance data in .xls format so you can run your own analysis. Gain category insights and examine both current and time series performance. 
Brand equity data packages

Build strategies to deliver brand growth. 

Identify areas of untapped potential to unlock growth through the power of brand. 

Increase brand equity with agile insights 


Broad coverage 

Access existing data across a huge range of brands, markets and categories in as few as 24 hours.

Proven methods 

Evaluate brand equity using a meticulously-tested framework. We’ve put a lot of thought into research rigour - so you don’t have to.
Deep expertise

Deep expertise 

Backed by a rich history and database of over 17,500 unique brands, our analysis is uniquely positioned to help you grow brand value.

Meaningful insights 

Access a wealth of brand equity data to help guide your brand strategy towards long-term growth.

Choose a data package that meets your needs 

Existing data 

  • Choose from data available across a huge range of brands, categories and markets 
  • Quick turnaround process means data can be available in as few as 24 hours 
  • Access data in easy to use .xls format  
  • To view a list of the data currently available, simply click ‘request data’ below 

Requests for new data 

  • Request new data if your brand, category or market is not currently available 
  • Your Kantar team will work with you to understand your needs and create a new study  
  • Turnaround time will be dependent on the request and will be confirmed once your needs have been scoped 
  • Your Kantar team will deliver the report in an easy to use .xls format  
  • To view a list of the data currently available, simply click ‘request data’ below 

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