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Explore the role that trust plays in your brand’s success with BrandZ Perspectives: Consumer Trust.
Bar charts
Bar charts

Quantify the impact of trust on your brand performance. 

Understand how consumer trust in brands has evolved in recent years and examine your brand’s performance across three key building blocks of trust: integrity, identification and inclusion.
Benchmark against competitors

Benchmark against competitors. 

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand relative to leading players in your market. Explore how you can improve your position over time.

Understand which key factors are influencing sales and brand value

Understand which key factors are influencing sales and brand value.

Evaluate performance using a range of key metrics including brand awareness, trial and brand image to understand current strengths and identify opportunities.

Build consumer trust with agile insights

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Rapid results 

An automated process allows for ultra-fast turnaround times, with results available in as few as 24 hours.

Proven methods

Evaluate consumer trust using a meticulously-tested framework. We’ve put a lot of thought into research rigour – so you don’t have to.
Deep expertise

Deep expertise 

Backed by a rich history and database of over 17,500 unique brands, our analysis is uniquely positioned to help you grow brand value. 

Actionable insights 

A highly visual format makes it easy to understand the importance of consumer trust and interpret your results. 

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