Digital campaign optimisation

Boost media effectiveness for in-flight campaigns with Brand Lift Insights.

Available as a semi-automated, serviced-only solution

Digital campaign optimisation (Brand Lift Insights)
Digital campaign optimisation

Identify the highest impact campaign elements.

Not all media are created equal. Understand which digital platforms, media formats and creative themes have the biggest impact on brand metrics. 
Digital campaign optimisation

Optimise campaigns in flight. 

Make agile campaign investment decisions with access to granular performance insights via a real-time dashboard. Add optional diagnostics for even more in-depth analysis.
Digital campaign optimisation

Benchmark against the industry.

Evaluate campaign performance relative to competitors by comparing against an extensive database of 19,000+ campaigns.
Digital campaign optimisation

Improve campaign performance.

Get recommendations to help you optimise while your campaign is still running. Plus, use valuable insights to improve media effectiveness across future campaigns.

Improve media effectiveness with agile decision-making


Broad measurement capabilities

Measure across format and device type, from banner to in stream and desktop to mobile.  

Proven methods

A rigorous control versus exposed framework provides confidence that your brand impact result is campaign-driven.

Real-time results

As soon as you have 50 exposed and 50 control respondents, study results are available via a real-time dashboard.

Actionable insights

Don’t just measure. Get insightful recommendations to help you fine tune your media investments.

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Get results fast

View your results in a real-time dashboard and optimise your campaign in flight.

Pricing and availability

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- Level of consulting required for the project
- Size and scope of media plan
- Target audience incidence rate

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