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Say goodbye to going with your gut for good with Express Surveys.

Available as an automated, self-serve solution

Express Surveys dashboard
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Get answers within minutes. 

Need answers fast? Run short polls or ask up to 20 questions. Either way, you’ll start seeing responses almost as soon as you click ‘launch’.

Build surveys that work.

No survey programming expertise required. Choose from a range of question formats that are easily customised for your needs - all without complex logic.

Choose from granular targeting options.  

With 1,000+ built-in demographic and lifestyle attributes, you can easily reach your audience—from cat owners in California to Millennials with credit cards.

Do it all, without breaking the bank.

Surveys start at $250 for 100 respondents, so you can say goodbye to going with your gut - for good. Test your ideas with real consumers and make decisions confidently, backed by data.

Illuminating consumer insights, endless possibilities.

Fast, yet powerful

Get high quality results in time for your next meeting. Source data for pitches, test a new logo or screen an idea.

Simple to use

Easily choose your audience and write new questions or create templates for frequent surveys.

Meticulously vetted

All respondents are identity-verified, and checks are in place to ensure that respondents fit your targeting parameters.

Insights at your fingertips

View all your survey results from a single dashboard, build a cross-tab or export the data for further analysis.

How to get started


Create an account

Use your Kantar Marketplace account to launch agile surveys right when you need them.


Build your survey

Create anywhere from one to 20 questions, choosing from seven text and image -based question formats.


Get results fast

Check progress, pause or stop your survey at any time. View final results in a dashboard.

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