Food & Beverages Usage Panel

Understand what, how, when, where and why consumers are eating and drinking, to make good marketing decisions.

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Truly understand consumers, with a continuous finger on the pulse of consumption behaviour. Fully integrated with Kantar’s FMCG purchase panel, and covering the 6 Ws (who consumes, what, when, where, why, with what) for all food and drink markets, the usage panel provides continuous, trended industry-leading insight into brand and category growth opportunities.

Key features

Occasion-based opportunities

Understand occasion-based rules, headroom for growth, competitive set and blueprint for success at the moment of consumption.

Consumer-based opportunities

All consumers’ (including children’s) consumption is enriched by overlaying attitudes, purchasing behaviour and demographics.

Need-based opportunities

From health to practicality and indulgence, needs drivers allow motivations for use to be understood and explored.

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