Inside Lives is a longitudinal qualitative study created by Kantar to offer our clients rapid access to a rich qualitative understanding of public experiences, feelings and beliefs during the COVID-19 crisis in the UK.

Please find all the downloadable weekly Inside Lives bulletins at the bottom of this page.

How Inside Lives works
Measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 present new challenges for policy makers needing to respond rapidly to changing conditions. Inside Lives offers a bridge between policy-makers and those they represent at a time when face-to-face research routes have become impossible.

Inside Lives is an ongoing online community of 50 individuals to provide longitudinal qualitative insight into responses to the pandemic. Coverage includes a diverse range of life stages and relevant circumstances – including those who have lost work, key workers in health and education, and those living alone – as well as 10 SME owners drawn from a variety of sectors.

It offers fast-turnaround access to experiences, behaviours, feelings and beliefs of people living with, and looking beyond, COVID-19. We collect insight via individual tasks to illuminate personal stories and moderated activities to deepen understanding of issues such as home-schooling, flexible working, travel, food practices, and attitudes to sustainability.

We engage participants via regular tracking measures and video diaries, alongside weekly bespoke community activities and discussions. Participants log on twice each week for at least 30 minutes to engage with tasks, moderator probes, and other community members. Reporting is powered by our expert qualitative analysis, and brought to life via video and other multimedia material.

Inside livesNew activities launch every Friday and run for a week. In each weekly bulletin that follows we highlight the themes and concerns raised by the group during that week.

Community members take part in three weekly tasks:

temperature check

1. ‘Temperature check’ tracking and diary activities

Thematic community activties

2. Thematic community activities

Topical message board discussions

3. Topical message board discussion

Find out more about our insights in our weekly bulletins below. We also offer curated access to the panel on a weekly basis and bespoke analysis for your topic of interest. For more information, please get in touch.