Our ‘Extraordinary People’ Community Impact programme includes volunteering and pro bono efforts, fundraising activities, and our global partnership with Special Olympics… all of which deliver positive change in over 90 countries.

To mark International Day of Charity on 5 September, we spoke to some of our colleagues who have used their volunteer days to give back to a cause they feel passionately about, making a positive impact on the communities they are based in.

Amanda Volunteering


“There is so much work to be done and I’m really proud to be able to help out every few weeks.”
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Eriana Volunteer


“I figured I needed to find any avenue to help, in whatever way I can, to fight this.”
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florence volunteering kantar


“For me, it’s about giving something back to the local community I live in, in whatever small way I can.”
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Gokhan Cat Volunteer


“Supporting an organisation you feel passionately about is a great way to deliver on our own ‘individual’ purpose.”
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“I love being able to use my professional skills and expertise in a different way than I do at work.”
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Pablo Volunteer


“The work that these organisations do is essential to save the world, to save ourselves, and to save our Mother Earth.”
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