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The world’s leading brands trust Kantar Profiles to collect reliable insights from global panellists, faster.
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Reach an engaged and traceable audience

Find your target audience through our network of over 170m+ people across 100 markets. We have the global reach you need, and take pride in delivering compliant, honest responses.
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first party audience data

Get answers fast; make decisions faster

Collect primary market research your way from online respondents, quickly and efficiently, with our Accelerated Answers survey solutions. You can do it yourself, have us do it for you, or work collaboratively with us on custom solutions that will save you time and money.
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first party audience data

Collect consistent insights and visualise results

Execute your ad hoc or longitudinal tracking research with Kantar Profiles, and have confidence in the quality, normality and stability of your data. Our teams have decades of experience with sample sourcing, blending and data delivery. Take your data and visualise your insights in a way that works for you.
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Build a holistic view of your audience 

Enrich your survey results with third-party data or insights, or your company’s owned sources. Create a clear and holistic view into your audience targets – without having to ask additional questions. Activate audiences in your media plan directly from your connected research data.
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Peter Dearborn, Senior Data Scientist Manager, Spotted Risk, said:“Kantar Profiles provides a high degree of expertise and feedback. Their commitment to best practices has been key in our continued relationship.”
Reliable first-party panellist data at speed and scale

Kantar's Profiles division is home to the world’s largest audience network. Through our extensive profiling efforts and data connections, we have more information about the people you want to reach. And in a world where the value of first-party data is rising as the reliance of third-party cookies diminishes, we deliver data from online research panels and sources you can act with, quickly.

170m+ Survey-ready respondents
80% of the industry's top sample sources are easily accessible 
100 Panel markets
7m+ proprietary panellists in 54 markets
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