“For more than 50 years, our unrivalled brand expertise, deep understanding of people, and track record in innovation, have made us the indispensable brand partner for the world’s most valuable companies. 

Today, AI enables us to go further and faster for our clients, making strides that are redefining the relationship between business and consumers. 

Thoughtfully and responsibly, we are now infusing GenAI into our core to reimagine the future better than anyone in the industry. Together, we’ll write the next chapter of brand history.” 
Chris Jansen 
CEO, Kantar 

Kantar's AI evolution

Our longstanding leadership in marketing research has always gone hand-in-hand with innovation in technology and data science. 

From our work with  multivariable statistics in 1983 to infusing machine learning at scale in our solutions since 2013, technology has always been at the core of what we do. Helping us provide defining insights to thousands of brands worldwide.

Our data responsibility pledge


Apply our rigorous user permissions standards and ensure compliance with global data protection and privacy laws where PII/personal data is utilised or generated.


Ensure the data used for AI models is reliable, complete
and relevant to research purposes. 

Ownership and Use

Define and communicate the intellectual property rights involving the ownership of data, the AI Model, technologies, outcomes and other materials generated. 


Track the provenance of data and its transformation throughout the lifecycle. 

Clients and 3rd parties

Assess whether our use impacts intellectual property rights belonging to clients or others. 

Our guiding principles for ethical and responsible, Indispensable AI


AI at Kantar

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