Competitive advantage comes from knowing more about your consumers and the category you compete in.

Kantar is partnering with Cannes Lions to provide you with the knowledge you need to grow and win. Our insights cover brands, creativity, creative excellence, media effectiveness, sustainability and DE&I; all vital areas in the drive to improve effectiveness, efficiency, meet consumer expectations and attract and retain the very best talent.

We’ll be sharing this knowledge exclusively as part of the LIONS Marketers Series, a unique event created in partnership with the ANA and the CMO Growth Council. Each edition of the program present a unique blend of leading expertise and original insights with a laser focus on the most pressing challenges and opportunities for marketers, all backed up by exclusive Kantar data and insights.


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December 2023

Are you ready for the creative year ahead? In this session, WARC unveil two major themes from its Marketer's Toolkit for 2024. WARC’s Insight Director, Aditya Kishore, is joined by expert brand marketers including Fernando Machado, CMO, NotCo, Valeria Piaggio, Global Head DEI, Kantar, and Ted Prince, Chief Product Officer, Kantar in a session moderated by Annie Smith, Global Head of Content, LIONS Advisory – as they discuss the trends set to shape the industry over the next 12 months. 

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November 2023

What does it really take to be an effective creative marketer? How can teams get closer to customers and build a strong brand from the inside out? And how can we make creativity the ultimate driver of culture and business growth? Join Lola Bakare, be/co, Victoria Sjardin, Kraft Heinz, Sofia Colucci, Molson Coors and Mark Visser, Kantar – as they unpack the key habits and practices of the industry’s biggest growth-driving creative teams.

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April 2023

Want to discover how to make ads more effective? In this session our effectiveness expert Jane Ostler took a global look at what makes an ad more impactful on the bottom line.

Joining her was Pierre Cailleau, Chief Marketing Officer at KFC France, who revealed the secret mix behind the Colonel’s highly effective creative. He outlined what his best marketing decisions have been and how they have contributed to business growth.

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December 2022 session

Kantar’s recent sustainability study found that 97% of people across the world are prepared to take action to live in a more environmentally conscious way. But they expect brands to be part of the solution.

What is your role as a brand marketer? How can you use sustainability as a market differentiator? How can you ensure marketing decisions benefit the environment and your business? In this session, our expert Jonathan Hall revealed exclusive insights and unpacked how to successfully implement sustainability into your growth plans.

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September 2022 session

It's a challenging time for media investment. Marketers face a tougher economic environment and are under pressure to reduce marketing spend. In this context, media creativity, especially across the ever-expanding digital space, is essential and we want to unpack the latest techniques and trends for you.

Our expert Jane Ostler revealed exclusive brand insights around which channels to leverage – and which to avoid – in order to drive engagement in 2022 and beyond.

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June 2022 session

What are consumers’ expectations in the volatile world we’re living now? How can brands put human experience in everything they do? In this Lions Marketers session, our expert J. Walker Smith talked about why brands need to focus their efforts on being empathetic.

Consumers are telling brands they want something more than a commercial transaction. And they expect new, more imaginative ways of doing business. In this session we dig into those insights and show brands how to deliver what consumers expect from businesses.

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April 2022 session

Find out how to become a more effective marketer and what it takes to ensure marketing is speaking the same language as the rest of the business.

Kantar' expert Jane Ostler revealed five “creative sparks”, themes shared by many of the winners in the Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards 2022. Our media and creative experts were joined in this session by Raja Rajamannar, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Mastercard. To delve into each of these 'sparks' and get a better understanding of why these ads were so effective:

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 October 2021 session

We know that media is not just a game of numbers. Eyeballs, reach, audience demographics and cost per impression all clearly matter, but they do not tell the whole story. Media shapes and flavours how advertising is perceived and has have the ability to make or break a campaign.

In this Lions Marketers edition our expert Jane Ostler unpacked the latest strategies for creative excellence and how brands should navigate the new media landscape.

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June 2021 session

How can marketing leaders prepare their organisation for boundless commerce? Eyeballs are everywhere and it’s never been more important to be available with the correct information and product, whenever and wherever consumers are ready.

Our expert Malcolm Pinkerton presents exclusive findings from Kantar's annual PowerRanking - a study that identifies retailers and suppliers that set the standard for performance, ranked by their trading partners. Walmart, who joined this Lions Marketers session, topped the ranking in 2021. Hear about the company’s approach to working creatively with brand partners.

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April 2021 session

The pandemic has been a useful glimpse into the future. After a long period of relative 'moderation', the year of unpredictability showed that disruptions will be a feature of the future marketplace not the exception. What will remain following the pandemic will be determined as much by future volatility as by the disruptions of the pandemic itself.  

Kantar’s expert J. Walker Smith provides a view of the consumer habits that will endure and the strong growth opportunities they will unlock, as well as a framework for understanding what will be new and what will not be new as we settle into post-pandemic life.

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